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About Krunker 2

The original version of Krunker was released in 2018 and still being in beta testing mode it showed awesome statistics for active played and game ratings. Today, with the release of numerios upgrades for the first version of the game and releasing Krunker 2, the game is on top of it's popularity with thousands of active playes every day and millions of fans all around the world. The game became so popular because of the awesome shooting engine which suits the minecraft-themed graphics and makes this game so attractive. Krunker 2 is the second edition of the popular shooting game with a lot of interesting upgrades and new maps and skins.

Krunker 2 - Why it is so popular?

Many people think that there are a lot of games which have better graphics and still are not more popular than the Krunker 2. The possible answer to this phenomenon is that this game offers an outstanding experience for the users, unite them all around the world and make them addicted to this awesome game. At the beginning of the game you are asked to create a free account. You can definitely play as a guest but it is much better to register your own account to store your gaming progress there and save unlocked skins. The game is available in many different game modes which I am sure can fit any gaming taste - you can play alone in deathmatch mode or you can play as a team with other players in Steal The Flag mode or any other. The selection servers with different game modes is so huge that you can easily find an active one and join it.

Upgrades & Skins

Even though that there are only 7 different weapons in this game, it gives you opportunity to make your weapon look unique. As you play, you complete different type of quests which gives you in-game money. It is called KR. Using those kr you can buy skins from the game shop or exchange them on market with other players. There are also a lot of skins for your character which can make it look deadly. The most popular skins for character include the wings and special uniform to make you look unique on the server. The great news is that those skins are visible not only for you but for all the players on the server. Krunker 2 features a lot of awesome maps which are being constanly upgrade to make them better. Now you can enjoy the full version of Krunker io 2 for free at our website.

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